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Why PanStar Propane?

PanStar Propane is a local family owned company. The Panebianco family started their first energy business over a century ago, with a commitment for prompt and professional service. They are here to support you both inside and outside your home with energy efficient propane for stoves, cook tops, fireplaces, clothes dryers, propane heaters, water heaters and outdoor appliances, such as, propane patio heaters, grills, pools and spas. They have an extensive list of commercial and agricultural customers providing them with propane cylinders for forklifts, vehicle fuel, construction site heating and much more. PanStar Propane offers automatic propane delivery service, propane appliance service and installation of above and underground propane tanks.

Our Mission

To form long lasting associations with our customers and provide the very best service year round and:

Keeping Our family Safe

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